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Our Company was originally incorporated on August 23, 2010 as a private limited Company under the name and style of “Humming Bird Education Private Limited” under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 with the Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana vide registration no. 207436. Pursuant to shareholders resolution passed at Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on September 22, 2018, our Company was converted into a Public Limited Company and the name of the Company was changed to Humming Bird Education Limited vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated October 10, 2018 issued by Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana.

Our Company is established by Mr. Nitesh Jain, Founder and Promoter, has served thousands of schools encompassing lakhs of students with the Olympiad examinations.

Our Company has been awarded with “Asia’s Greatest Brands of Year 2017-18” by “Price Water House Coopers P.L.” and our promoter Mr. Nitesh Jain has been awarded with Asia’s Greatest Leaders of Year 2017-18”.

An International Level Olympiad is a rigorous competitive examination where students are evaluated on a scientifically constructed syllabus and their academic performance is ranked relative to their peer group. Humming Bird’s examinations use a multifaceted approach in judging students on their in-depth knowledge of the subjects as well as on enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical and problem solving skills, helping them better understand their strengths and weaknesses further enabling them to convert their Olympiad results into superior scholastic gains and realize their true intellectual potential. As an added advantage this has also given an opportunity for schools to analyse the performance and prowess of their teachers with the help of deep insight provided by our Olympiads.

As all our orders are received in advance, it allowed our company to streamline our cash flows and we have been able to function with minimal working capital. We follow a philosophy of being asset light so to remain flexible and nimble in our competitive atmosphere and have outsourced a majority of our noncore auxiliary operations allowing us to function without considerable investment in a fixed asset base, giving our company enormous operating leverage when scaling operations.

As we are asset light and centrally managed, We have a vast franchisee network which has allowed us to spread our reach to intercontinental boundaries with a fast growing international base. Acting as our extension in branding and customer acquisition our franchisees enjoy a respectable business model with comfortable working hours and territorial rights, strengthening our association with all with them. All our franchises have met their breakeven and are already profitable while increasing Hummingbird brand and footprint in their territories. With franchisees in India and abroad, we are now focusing on increasing our franchisee penetration up to district levels.

Currently with only a 5% of the total Olympiad market is catered by the entire industry. With gaining popularity and with Olympiad being seen as a necessary supplement to in-house scholastic examinations, Hummingbird has entrenched itself in a moat as the preferred partner for reputable schools. Being the only incorporated organisation and working as a model of professionalism and reliability, our company has constantly gained market share from our competitors, while trailblazing into greenfield regions with our first ever in industry initiative of conducting Olympiads in regional languages, supporting state boards and their students.

Leading the management our Promoter Mr. Nitesh Jain is behind the tremendous progress achieved by our Company. With all the experience and knowledge of our professional managerial team, we are able to grow in leaps and bounds. The strength of our company is converting any situation into an opportunity thus moving forward with a better energy and enthusiasm. Our foundation – “Don’t watch the clock, do what it does”.


1. Experienced Promoter and Management Expertise

Our Company is managed by a team of competent personnel having knowledge of core aspects of our Business. Our promoter viz. Mr. Nitesh Jain with his knowledge and experience as well as assisted by our Key Managerial Persons who have helped us to have long term relations with our customers. Further, they have also facilitated us to entrench with new customers. We believe that our experience, knowledge and human resources will enable us to drive the business in a successful and profitable manner.

2. Quality Assurance

Our Company has excellent record of providing quality services which makes our Company unique from our competitors. In terms of Quality, our Company focuses significantly on the experiences of our staff and quality of material provided to the students to ensure the desired quality is attained.

3. Unique Brand Positioning

We believe our “Humming Bird” brand is associated with conducting quality Olympiads. We have been able to deepen our brand recognition and improve our brand recall through a variety of means such as our strong student performance, pan-India network, quality faculty, comprehensive study material, modern infrastructure, integrated systems and processes, and targeted marketing. We are able to attract high student enrolment due to our strong marketing presence, coupled with close follow-up with prospective clients. Our brand recognition has been instrumental in increasing our Student Count through a high referral rate and low student acquisition cost, high student retention rate and ability to attract quality faculty members.

4. Result Oriented

We provide high priority services to Schools, scientifically designed study material, free mobile app , performance analysis report for all participants, 24*7 support for schools, Parents and Students and many more to cultivate in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as to enhance the factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical & problem solving skills among the Students. Having been awarded time and again because of our extra- ordinary contribution, we proved that the world class educational services can be availed in the most economical manner and riding on the trust of all schools, teachers and parents which have associated with us.

5. Geographical Presence

The presence of Humming Bird across India and abroad increases accessibility to students at various locations. Our knowledge of the national market as well as regional markets assists us in developing Olympiads methodologies to address changing student requirements. We are less affected by changes in regional markets, such as changes in examination formats, as compared to regional or local players operating in affected regions.