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Humming Bird Education Ltd. is the world’s only Olympiad organization listed on Bombay Stock Exchange with CIN No. U80221DL2010PLC207436 thus making us the biggest Third Party Evaluators for students & teachers.

Humming Bird has served millions of students all across the globe from more than 10000 schools in 11 countries in last 10 years. For the same, our organization has been appreciated by the Media all over the world, prominent celebrities & politicians and renowned educators. We also have been awarded with ‘Asia’s Greatest Leaders’ & ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands’ pr by ‘PRICE WATER HOUSE COOPERS P. L.’

The main objective of Humming Bird Education Ltd, is to motivate the students to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as to enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical & problem solving skills. This helps the students to realize their true intellectual potential.

The Humming Bird International Olympiads are not only based on IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also covers EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), CQ (Creativity Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient), FQ (Financial Quotient) and more importantly HQ (Happiness Quotient). We believe in overall development of students and henceforth serve them with perfectly crafted Olympiads.

The students are also provided with OQ (Olympiad Quotient) on behalf of their performance in the Olympiads with the help of which they may get easier access to admissions in private colleges/ universities and even private jobs. The students may improve their OQ year on year with the help of their improved performance in the Olympiads.

Importance of Olympiads

Lets consider a real life situation to understand the meaning and need of Olympiads:

Generally, Students gets to compete with few students of their class in their school and the student scoring maximum marks is considered to be at the first position whatever his marks may be. This is the scenario with every school individually. Now after class 12, the students from all over India compete with each other in various competitive examinations for getting admission in colleges.

Quick Scenario:

A). Ram, Class 12, School A scored 91% stood first in his class
B). Shyam, Class 12, School B scored 96% stood first in his class
C). Sudama, Class 12, School C scored 88% stood first in his class
*considering the level of question paper is same in all three schools

The 3 students mentioned above are at first position in their respective schools, however, if they Compete with each other then probably Shyam will be at the first position, Ram and Sudama will be at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. If Sudama & Shyam would have known their position at National level Rank initially they would have prepared well and the positions could have been different.

Olympiad means bringing the students from all over on a SINGLE COMMON PLATFORM and assessing them on a common question paper designed with a scientific approach as per their class syllabus. This help them to:

1. Know their National & International level ranks.
2. Identify their strong/ weak areas in the subject
3. Know the correct pattern of the competitive examinations to be held in future
4. Clear the basic concepts
5. Get an exposure of the National level examination
6. Win awards and get recognized
7. Get well educated and not just well trained

Humming Bird has been awarded again & again year on year with the prestigious awards and recognitions for their contribution to the Education Sector. The Organization has proved that the World class educational services can be availed in the most economical manner.

We are thankful to the educational fraternity all throughout the world who have given us the opportunity or who may give us the opportunity for their trust and support. The Schooling institutions are doing their best to create the leaders of the future and we are committed to support the schools/students in this mission. We are also thankful to the Global Newspapers and News channels for their interest and coverage of the Olympiads & Results. This has given us a lot of motivation, strength and direction.